Two recommended ways to build a professional CV

Two recommended ways to build a professional CV

In my previous article, I talked about how I made my LinkedIn profile more visible, and you should start with that article before reading this one.

If you could attract the right recruiter's attention, you will be asked to provide a CV to join the interview process. You must provide a professional-looking CV.

There are two solutions that I recommend to get a professional-looking CV:

  1. The easy option: Generate a PDF based on your LinkedIn profile.
  2. My favorite is: Using a specialized tool to create a unique-looking CV, like VisualCV, that I use myself. You can see my CV below:
My curriculum vitae (

The easy way: Generate a PDF on LinkedIn

This solution is straightforward and will help you build a professional-looking CV. Here is how you create one:

Step 1: go to your profile and click on more

Step 2: Click on "Save to PDF."

LinkedIn will as you wait a bit while it generates the CV in the background, and the download will start automatically.

I like this solution because it is fast and straightforward. I don't like that you will have a similar CV to the other fifty thousand people that your recruiter had to interview.

I believe in making a mark, even a small one, in keeping you ahead of the competition. So here comes solution 2.

The advanced solution: VisualCV.