Democratizing Payment: Boosting Innovation for Indie Hackers in the DRC

Fabrice Kabongo and the Congo Developer Club aim to democratize payment for indie hackers in the DRC by building a decentralized payment processing system using Mobile Money.

Democratizing Payment: Boosting Innovation for Indie Hackers in the DRC
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The need for innovation

Innovation is a crucial driver of the growth and development of an economy, and indie hackers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have the potential to contribute to this growth. However, they face several challenges, including the inability to sell their products and services online due to the lack of a streamlined payment system.

This issue has prevented many indie hackers from investing time in their projects as they cannot profit from their work. They also need a payment system to scale their solutions to other parts of the vast country.

The penetration of Mobile Money technology

The International Telecommunication Union estimates that, in 2020, 45% of Congolese had a mobile cellular subscription (understand, not all have a smartphone).

This statistic means that the total addressable market in Congo for selling online or remote products and services is approximately 45 million individuals (the Congolese population is close to 100 million).

A graph showing the evolution of mobile phone in the DRC, sitting at 45 phones for 100 inhabitant in 2020
Statistic: Number of mobile cellular subscriptions per 100 inhabitants in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 2000 to 2020 | Statista

The payment problem and mobile money penetration offer an opportunity that the Congo Developer Club and I have decided to capture.

The initial solution